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Our History

Fruitland Bible Camp was founded by Rev. Edwin Torgerson in 1943. This man of vision laid the foundation for a camp and ministry that has endured and continues to impact lives far beyond his lifespan.

FRUITLAND CAMP - Torg & Slimp Wood 1943.jpg

In early 1954 Rev. Torgerson accepted the pastorate in Malone, WA which is more than 400 miles away. He turned the camp over to capable leaders in the area. It was then that the property was transfered to
Fruitland Camp Meeting Association.

Fruitland -COVER IDEA SIGN.tif

Through the years, the membership has approved many changes. This includes the purchase of 4 additional parcels of land, construction of 41 buildings and updating the name to Fruitland Bible Camp.

It has grown and adapted from tents, teepees and scab lumber cabins to cottages, modern dorms, multi-family units, and a 40+ unit RV facility with hookups.

Pastor Torgerson felt the need to call for fellowship with churches and believers of like faith, as a means to reach and meet the spiritual needs of the region.He was the leader of the early camps, yet quickly recruited other pastors and lay leaders of the region to work as a committee to lead and oversee the camp meeting.

FRUITLAND - first baptism before & after 1943.tif


Rev. Torgerson maintained a long term relationship with the camp through regular attendance over the years and often reminded all who would listen of the mission of the Camp Meeting, "Nothing is impossible when your dream comes from God."

The camp will celebrate its 80th Anniversary in 2023 with a classic Summer Camp Meeting including strong preaching, gospel music and great home-style meals. Families both young and old still come from miles around to stay for a few days or a whole week of Camp Meeting.

Fruitland - Mel, 2 sons building 1990.tif
FRUITLAND CAMP - 1944 Church.jpg
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As the camp moves aggressively through the 21st century, camp leadership continues to have an unwavering commitment to the focus and mission of Rev. Torgerson's legacy and original vision.


"Nothing is impossible when your dream comes from God"

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